Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

It is a common misconception that mold can be completely eradicated from infected areas, for microscopic spores are everywhere at all times.

That said, maintaining livable mold levels is a very serious matter and one that must be tended to quickly.  For any area susceptible to moisture, mold can grow in under two days, making it a fast-moving threat that requires removal.

Ridding a premises of mold by yourself is an unwise, inexact science.  Failure to do so effectively will make a relapse probable and cause you more headaches down the line.

This is where Disaster Aide comes in.  Not only is our name and brand synonymous with quality, we aptly address the issue with a swift and dedicated task force, emphasizing precision and timing.

Available in MD, DC and VA, as well as a network throughout the country, we are accessible, convenient and capable.

The biggest mistake a homeowner or landlord can make is waiting until the dilemma is so insurmountable that the area either cannot be saved, or must be destroyed to avoid health concerns.


How Does Mold Form?

Mold is frequently shuttled through the air, looking for the nearest damp place to create colonies.  It enters silently through various cracks and crevices like windows, AC units, and doors.  Moisture is mold’s friend and your foe, especially in quaint, contained spaces.  Because mold spores are more or less invisible to human sight, keeping your eyes open to unnatural discoloration in wet territories is prudent.

Dangerous levels of mold can also formulate from an abnormal amount of humidity indoors.  It goes without saying that warm states are more inclined to have this happen, but it can still be a complication regardless of where you live.

If parts of where you reside are wet and have limited room for air-flow and ventilation, then the process of harmful molding is likely already in full effect.


How Can You Tell If Mold Is A Problem That You Need To Address?

Excessive mold is extremely obvious to the eye, as it appears to make what it has clung to withered and old in nature.  It can be black, gray or white, and is an eyesore when out in the open.

Mold remediation is necessary when the spores have made their presence felt by adversely manipulating the surfaces it is found on.  This usually takes the shape of negatively affecting the structure or aesthetics of infected areas.

It should be mentioned that even though mold is typically easy to spot, most of the time dangerous levels are hidden beneath furniture, wood, or other elements of the foundation.  Because of this it is wise to pay special attention to the odors of your living spaces, for harmful mold almost always has a musty, unpleasant smell attached to it.

At Disaster Aide, assessment is part of our repertoire, and if you have even the slightest trepidation about the levels of mold in your dwelling, we will feverishly seek the source.


How Is Mold Harmful?

Undoubtedly at some time you have come across and seen severe mold, so what’s the big deal?  Similar to other unseen ailments, inordinate amounts of these spores have irritants and other allergens clinging to them, making them hosts for components that are detrimental to your health.

Coughing, red eyes, nasal stuffiness, and an itchy throat are just a few of the drawbacks to being exposed to this issue.  Mold can be particularly harsh to people with allergies, or those with weakened immune systems.

If you are in the ‘don’t worry about it’ boat where you are unconvinced of mold’s negative reach, bear in mind that overly infected areas can directly promote asthma attacks and rashes.

Beyond your chest and nasal cavity, mold remediation is shrewd for your pocket book as well.  If too much time passes, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars can be lost if water damage has sprung up colonies that render walls and furniture useless.

Even though some mold can be covered up, its effects are unkind and difficult to reverse, and by then abatement and testing is just your first in a long line of potential problems.


What Is The Process We Use For Mold Remediation?

Mold and water damage is very misleading to annihilate because just curing the noticeably infected areas does not mean the job is complete.  By the time you get to the space that needs addressing, contaminants have already been exercised into the air, requiring a mask, among other safeguards.

Disaster Aide blends professionalism and accuracy with specialized technicians properly protected to get the work done briskly.

We take a methodical approach from beginning to end to make sure everything transpires smoothly and to your liking.  The steps taken include assessment, containment, antimicrobial purification, controlled demo, and vacuuming.

Assessing the potential hazard is the primary objective for Disaster Aide, as we meticulously examine the infected spaces and look for other areas that may also be in harms way.

Owners of properties that require mold testing must understand that no service will be worth its weight in gold as far as results if the water problem is not rectified first.

If mold remediation is done before this action, all you have done is buy yourself some time, instead of clearing the decks for permanent removal.

The containment our skilled workers put into effect is enormously important to prevent the transfer of altered spores into additional places where colonies can be established.  Cross-contamination is one of the biggest pitfalls homeowners engage in by unknowingly tracking irritants into numerous areas of the house that were previously unscathed.

This is just one of a myriad of reasons why it is sensible to let us take the keys to the operation.  Suppressing an outbreak with plastic bags and chemical agents is the only way effective cleaning can take place.

Antimicrobial purification is a fancy term used to describe the use of powerful detergents and formulas not always available over the counter to consumers to guarantee that mold growth is killed and will not return.  Disaster Aide’s cleaning agents are hospital-grade in quality and second to none in effectiveness.

We also strive to not just ‘wipe’ the unfavorable spots, but demo pieces that cannot be saved from the mold and mildew damage.  While mold remediation is ordinarily done for health reasons first, structure issues must also be solved.

We demo the necessary fields to eliminate exposure and promote a mold-free environment that is no longer predisposed to catastrophic spores.  The word demo occasionally scares some individuals into thinking a complete overhaul is done.  This is patently untrue.

Disaster Aide’s demo is only specific to the areas deemed too dangerous to leave alone.  Sometimes these spaces are finite and small, and does not necessitate a massive action.

Disaster Aide then vacuums surrounding areas to discharge negative airborne elements to get the living space back to normal.  Just like running a device over your carpet, we ‘clean’ the air, restoring it to acceptable levels of mold.

All mold is impossible to expunge from the air, but efficiently filtering it makes it safe and noticeable to your sinuses.


How Is Disaster Aide More Viable Than Standard Cleaning Options?

For the stubborn and unwise, grabbing the soap and sponge yourself might seem satisfactory, but in reality you may be compounding the problem.  Doing a simple eye test is not adequate in determining if all the irritants have been flushed out.

Flipping through the phone book or searching the internet can result in a plethora of options, however what makes Disaster Aide shine through is its purpose and promise.

We are not interested in a temporary solution, but rather long-term eradication.  Disaster Aide is most advisable to your needs because of our commitment to speed, performance and track record of success.

Unlike generic sanitation crews, we use top of the line equipment to accent safety for our technicians, as well as applying cleaning tools not typically available to the masses.  For example, our utilization of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums traps over 95 percent of particles that can negatively affect the human body.  By grabbing micron-sized debris, we leave each task accomplished with certainty.

Additionally, we believe that service is not complete with merely a positive end result.  The process by which we arrive at our destination of satisfaction is of equal importance.  Using discretion, candor and civility in accordance with our acumen in this field is what makes us who we are.

Furthermore, the stress-free, no pressure setting we establish is not just for our representatives, but for the client as well.  A smooth, streamlined experience is best for everyone in achieving our mutual goal.

Mold remediation can be a seemingly never-ending undertaking, for if it is not done with ample rigor and attention, the initial problem will only circle back in the future.

Disaster Aide is a results-driven force ready to perform in even the most ambitious circumstances.  Our fortitude lies is being able to put you at ease while the work is being done conveniently and confidently.

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