Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a mess, both literally and figuratively, as it causes an abundance of obstacles for home-owners and those infected by this unapologetic ‘disease.’

Perhaps the most worrisome aspect of hoarding is that it forces people to act quickly, as all can be lost in a matter of weeks, if not days.  This potentially includes not only the legal aspects involved, but people’s lives as well.

Disaster Aide is a force to be reckoned with, as we bring an arsenal of productivity and problem-solving to any location for effective, thorough eradication and removal.  We remain tirelessly devoted to promoting favorable environments for everyone.

Disaster Aide is a local business, but our reach is wide: serving all the greater DC, VA and MD areas, we act with urgent authority, as every minute lost is critical when dealing with loved ones, animals, and memories.

We also champion networks all over the country, so Disaster Aide is never too far from a rescue.


What Constitutes If You Are A Hoarding Cleanup Candidate?

Not everyone that has a lot of ‘stuff’ is a hoarder of course, but it is wise to err on the side of caution if you or someone you know is even leaning toward a way of ‘surplus’ living.  Hoarding comes in several cruel shapes and sizes, but the basic definition is fulfilled when a situation becomes hazardous to well-being, mentality, or potential consequences monetarily.

The act of holding on to an abundance of items can be linked to very serious matters like trauma, so it is wise to keep a level head, even if it is about yourself.  Most do not consider the idea that for some hoarders it is not their ‘fault’, and placing blame is an unnecessary dead-end.

The negatives hoarding brings monetarily refers to incidents like eviction or foreclosure that are a direct result of excessive collecting.  Even if you think this is an unfair or a fruitless course of action, frequently the city has more rights than you do in this field.

Regardless of the scenario, Disaster Aide is the unified front positioned to strike before time runs out.


Are Hoarding Cleanup Services Right For You?

If you are reading this, you have almost assuredly been guided here by guilt, concern, or someone who loves you.

Unfortunately, hoarding brings out two common traits that prevent people from seeking help: stubbornness and denial.

At Disaster Aide, we are an impartial tool for you to exploit to ensure you do not become a statistic in the ‘buried alive’ category.  We firmly believe that the notion of ‘waiting until tomorrow’ to act is naive and dangerous.

Hoarding is a ticking time bomb whose length of fuse is unknown, allowing it to explode at a moment’s notice.  Because of this, we bestow our well-trained experts to you to rid yourself of the burden of a potential collapse, both mentally and financially.

If you or someone near you has succumbed to a mass stockpile of clothing, furniture, trash, junk or animals, Disaster Aide welcomes the opportunity to be your savior in a time of such crisis.


What Sets Disaster Aide Apart From Other Hoarder Cleanup Agencies?

Often times businesses cannot include heart behind their mission statements, but Disaster Aide strives to.  The fact that clearing excess items from a home can mean the delicate removal of memories and heirlooms is not lost on us, as our powerfully successful capabilities take only a backseat to compassion.

Item removal is not just a job, but a process, and one that we have spent ample time training for and adjusting to.  Because every house or space infected by this potential pitfall is different, we embrace adaptability while still completing the task at hand with rigorous effort.


Why Is Hoarding Cleanup So Important?

There are almost too many reasons to name for why imminent cleanup of hoarding is essential, but some of the most prominent include health, safety and foreclosure.

Health concerns are most paramount when it comes to absolving a living space of hoarding because so many different things can affect people and animals adversely as a result of this type of lifestyle.

First and foremost, it is extremely unsanitary to maintain residence in a dwelling that is infested with parasites, germs and mold.  These unwanted elements are just the tip of the iceberg in problems that hoarding causes, and unfortunately people wait until it is too late.

Even if the space has merely accumulated items and not trash; rust, dust and other impurities are more than enough to taint the area.  The negative effects of hoarding often times do not bother the residents, but most do not realize it is just as bad for pets.

Though it is easy to see belongings stacked to the ceiling, the scariest dangers involved in hoarding are typically hidden underneath.  Even if an area doesn’t appear ‘that bad,’ things like feces and bacteria will hurt those nearest to them in a matter of days.

Extreme hoarding cleanup is also relevant for mental health, as very few victims of this ‘disease’ view it as a complication.  Hoarding is often a disorder in the brain, and requires extensive psychiatric health to sort out issues, including attachment, fear of loss and productivity.

While Disaster Aide’s technicians are not doctors, we are caring, sympathetic individuals, familiar with your plight and eager and willing to get you on the right track.  Some individuals do not confront hoarding because the job is too big, but Disaster Aide faces any challenges with compelling ingenuity and hard work.

Safety is another reason hoarding house cleaning must be exercised promptly.  A wealth of items cause a load of foundation problems, as the structure itself can shift and become unsafe.

Again, this is just as big a dilemma for our furry friends as it is for you.  Moreover, cluttered homes are a haven for fires, and is a hazard in almost every aspect of normal living.

Disaster Aide systematically enters the residence with an intelligent plan in mind to not risk the house itself or items of value inside.

The support of the dwelling goes directly into the next predicament hoarders face, which is foreclosure.  Undoubtedly, if you or a loved one are in this predicament, there are things inside that matter to you.

In most hoarding cases, foreclosure isn’t only imminent, it is typically recommended by the city.  Simply put, waiting to address the matter ‘later’ may result in you never having the chance to regain what is yours.

Lastly, ridding a place of hoarding isn’t just for yourself or those you care about, but strangers around you as well.  It is the responsibility of a tenant to keep their grounds up to health codes and not influence any neighbor negatively.

Particularly in shared spaces like apartments or duplexes, not addressing this concern is negligent at best and callous at worst.


How Is Hoarding Cleanup Completed?

Disaster Aide technicians are delegated in a timely manner to gauge the situation and rapidly make a wise decision on the best course of action to proceed successfully and discretely.

Each person that enters the space is fully equipped with the proper safety attire to keep cross-contamination at bay and protect them from odors and harmful poisons and pollutants.  If necessary, masks and extensive cleaning tools are used to uproot all the items and sterilize the infected areas to promote healthy conditions.


What Is The Difference Between Hoarding/Eviction Cleaning Services And Standard Cleaning Services?

Make no mistake, Disaster Aide’s employees are experts in this type of removal, armed with specific training and temperament to handle these situations.  Standard cleaning services are simply not equipped to take on issues of this magnitude, let alone complete them in a way that promises safety and sterilization.

There is a reason that generic cleaning services ‘stay in their lane,’ as the resources and skill included in hoarding cases is above their competence and pay-grade.

It is of importance to clarify that straying from Disaster Aide’s impeccable abilities is welcoming the prospect that the job will not be done to your satisfaction, nor will it be accomplished to where the area itself is impregnable to the re-entry of toxic materials.

Choosing the wrong solution to take care of hoarding can be calamitous in nature if the process is not carried out accurately.  In short, it is advantageous to do it the best way one time, so there is no second go-around, or worse yet, never getting the chance to.


Do Not Lose Your Livelihood Due To Inaction

Because Disaster Aide is a solution and not an ideology, all we can do is nudge you in the right direction.  Showing you the path to a healthier, safer lifestyle is one thing, executing it is another.

We are beyond confident in showcasing our qualifications and talent in eliminating hoarding, but Disaster Aide’s secret weapon in abolishing this problem is empathy.  Because removal is a nuanced, careful art, victims need an unflinching, sturdy presence to right the ship, and at Disaster Aide we deliver this competently.