Death Cleanup

Death Cleanup

Death cleanup is the unfortunate underbelly of tragedy, but one that is essential for sanitary, grieving, and property sale purposes, among others.

Disaster Aide is the piece of the puzzle that makes all of these factors turn into a solution that is a mixture of expertise, timeliness and compassion.

No two situations are alike, and we are more than capable to approach every situation with the unrivaled abilities we harness through our training.  This is done by how we execute our plan throughout the duration of the cleanup to guarantee satisfaction for the committee involved.


How Can Accident Cleanup Be Harmful?

With debris, bodily fluids, and excess foreign elements at the scene, it is imperative that sanitization is done fluently to avoid cross-contamination and exposure to anyone nearby.

Whether it involves natural death, suicide cleanup, workplace accidents, or otherwise, individuals coming into contact with blood and various unnatural impurities is very dangerous and can negatively affect a person’s health.

It is a misconception that treacherous items are always visible, with occasionally smell alone being detrimental to your well-being.  Even if unconvinced of a situation’s repercussions, to err on the side of caution is wise.


The Relationship Between Death Cleanup And Grief 

Understandably, those directly dealing with the loss are experiencing an unmeasured level of pain that must be met with empathy.

Death cleanup services are not just a means of restoring a space to its original state, but also bridging grief with a positive future.  This is done by removing all facets of the scene that can be detrimental to a family or friend’s state of mind.  Disaster Aide is thoroughly sympathetic to each cause, for it is our creed and courtesy that make us who we are.

It is understood that life is full of unexpected pitfalls, and because of this, having a delicate, graceful temperament when working is just as important to us as rigorously revitalizing a specific place.


When Restoration Is Essential

Usually it is the last thing thought of in circumstances of death, but property sale is a large reason why decontamination is pertinent.  Often times houses, apartments, or vehicles are jettisoned after events of extreme loss, and because of this, getting them to a ‘sell-worthy’ condition is necessary.

Additionally, Disaster Aide assists in job related mishaps.  Though seemingly harsh, companies cannot afford to wait when money is on the line and productivity has suffered.

Because time is money, we rapidly estimate the size of the project and carry it out briskly to ensure a well-oiled business does not stall.


What Kinds Of Situations Do We Handle?

Decomposition cleanup is not the only skill in Disaster Aide’s arsenal.  We offer a wide range of services which include, but are not limited to:  unattended death, vehicle blood cleanup, accident cleanup and odor removal.

It is an urgent warning to state that smaller, more contained scenes of blood or bodily fluid spills are just as critical as larger eradication.  Disaster Aide grasps that biohazard regions are unapologetic in how far they can spread, regardless of their initial size.


Why Is Speed Relevant In Death Cleanup?

Often it is glossed over how vital it is to secure services for removal in a timely fashion, and this is not lost on us at Disaster Aide.

Every minute that elapses increases the probability that contamination and pathogen transfer will take place.


Why Should You Let Us Clean Up Instead Of You?

First and foremost, if you or someone you know have any relation at all to the misfortune that has taken place to merit this cause, it is typically not within a person’s mental capacity to perform a cleanup to an acceptable degree.

That said, even with a proper frame of mind, the bacteria, risk of infection, poisons and other toxic materials make it vulnerable for you without a team like Disaster Aide whose sole objective is to abolish these problems.

Ignorance should never be an excuse, but neither should apathy.  All situations of this seriousness require a person to be extremely skilled and responsible.  It is up to Disaster Aide to methodically relieve a locale of its consequences, and as experts versed in this field, we prefer it that way.


How Does Disaster Aide Sanitize The Scene?

Our experienced staff are not just employees, but professionals in this field at not only swiftly cleansing a given area, but doing so with the utmost amount of precision and respect.  Properly adorned with required safety gear, our crew assesses, eradicates, and reinstates each space to its previous appearance flawlessly.

Each step of the process is finite and clearly defined to deliver the property back to the family, loved ones, bosses, etc. as quickly as possible so they can peacefully move forward without interruption.


How Death Scene Cleanup Services Differ From Standard Cleaning Services

It is a myth that all types of cleanup are created equal, and Disaster Aide strives to be the leader in this niche by blending effort with heart.  Moreover, a simple internet search for a local shampooing outlet is ill-informed and reckless for scenes of this magnitude.

Disaster Aide uses powerful detergents, specially formulated for such use, regular cleaners often do not have in their possession, and wiping a space down is a much different animal than the intensity and meticulousness death cleanup requires.

Not for the faint of heart, both proper tools and mindset are needed to adequately absolve settings of this nature.


When Is Disaster Aide Available?

Idle hands in these moments can be extremely risky with health concerns on the line.  Death cleanup is a different type of work than most because speed is a fundamental aspect of our effectiveness.

Disaster Aide can be called upon at any time, and it is recommended sooner rather than later to avoid more issues that will arise if prompt decisions are not made.

Besides our track record of quality, Disaster Aide prides itself on incorporating dignity and humanity to an otherwise dreadful circumstance.

There is no price one can put on decency, but we are vehement in our goal to quantify it through our actions.