Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

Along with the unpredictability in life can come heartbreak, anger and consequence.  Tragedy opens the door to several unwanted avenues, but one that is often overlooked through shock and grief is crime scene cleanup.

A necessary evil at its best, and a painfully emotional experience at its worst, trauma cleanup should be handled by professionals for a myriad of reasons, the first of which is to allow victims to embrace the healing process above all else.

Loss is already a void, so it would behoove you to eliminate responsibility and utilize expertise in this field.  Being a victim allows you the right to piece yourself together and not face the cruel irony of having to shore up a horrific experience.

Difficult times require a delicate hand to guide the process, and Disaster Aide walks this path for you by unilaterally combining compassion with efficiency.  One of the first emotions a person feels after a traumatic event is isolation, and it is our goal to rid you of this false concept immediately.

But first and foremost, how do you know if the service is right for you?


A Special Team For An Important Purpose

Biohazard cleaning is understandably not in everyone’s repertoire of skills, but there are more than a few reasons why having specialists handle it is integral.

The most applicable reason to ensure the services of individuals qualified in crime and trauma scene decontamination is that those suffering from an emotionally charged event are ill-equipped to thoroughly provide cleanup to a sanitary standard.

Grief-stricken victims should not have to bear the burden of further heartbreak, and because health concerns are on the line, bypassing the opportunity to have seasoned professionals take charge is not wise.

Though a seemingly macabre line of work, homicide or violent crime cleanup is a profession no different than any other in its necessity and effort.  Passion can take place in many forms, and bridging effective, error-free decontamination with a delicate sense of purpose is our mantra.


What Kinds Of Situations Do We Absolve?

The short answer is most everything, but more specifically, crimes violent in nature that demand immediate attention and action.  It is a common misconception that smaller scenes are less dangerous, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Regardless of the severity of the circumstance, one should never waiver in ridding the space of its potentially life-threatening pathogens.  In most cases patience is a virtue, but like most things, there are exceptions, and eradicating treacherous elements is time sensitive.  Being able to withstand loss is hard enough, but it is negligent and risky to put yourself or others in jeopardy.

We are experts in sterilizing and purifying situations involving, but not limited to, murder, suicide or random acts of violence, intentional or otherwise.


When Are We Available For You?

There is no rest for our mission.  Tragedy does not take a sick day, and because of this, neither do we.  Available rain, sleet, or shine, 24 hours a day, Disaster Aid is your one stop shop for a simple, smooth, competent process.


Why Is Violent Crime Cleanup Important?

Beyond the obvious personal and mental ramifications of witnessing a horrific scene, there are several critical reasons that trauma scene decontamination is absolutely critical.

The reason the term ‘biohazard’ is often paired with places of excessive violence is no accident, as health and well-being concerns are very real.  Blood is a complex animal, and the risk of infection or disease increases exponentially when it is spilled.

Bodily fluids are frequently found during single or mass casualty cleanup, and when dispersed they are havens for bacteria and other components detrimental to your health.  Additionally, bone or even chemicals from the investigation by authorities like luminol, fingerprint dust, and more can adversely affect those nearby.  The reach of toxic materials is wide and unapologetic.

Disaster Aide meticulously sanitizes the area to promote a germ-free, disinfected space that is restored back to its initial presence effortlessly.  Life may never be ‘normal’ again, but our pride is reflected in our unparalleled ability to bring ordinary back from the chaos that previously ensued.

Homicide cleanup is also one of the stepping stones to mending grief with acceptance.  Nothing can ever replace the feeling of comfort that you experienced beforehand, however Disaster Aide is undoubtedly the calm after the storm, focused and willing to help you turn the page on this dark and arduous chapter of your life.

Just because there are deceased, doesn’t mean you no longer deserve to live a purpose-filled, rewarding existence.  By renewing the scene to its previous state, the psychological damage can start the journey towards rehabilitation.

At Disaster Aide, no stage of remorse and agony is overlooked, as we treat every situation with the same level of unencumbered respect and dignity.  While everyone handles catastrophes differently, we maintain an unfazed, disciplined demeanor.  The vitality of a steady hand in times of sorrow cannot be understated.


Help In Moving On

Often times an event of such negative impact can be understandably impossible to overcome, and this is another instance where Disaster Aide is prudent as well.  By overhauling the area of need, sale of the house or space can be embarked upon to help you start a new life.

We are aware that in times of utter despair, few have the foresight to make logical decisions on such things, and this is where we come in.  Sometimes the best choice one can make is to let others take the reigns.


What Is The Process?

The technicians deployed attentively assess the situation making note of the required amount of time and effort involved to complete the task at hand.  Of paramount importance is following through on the removal of harmful elements as quickly as possible to step aside and allow clients the space and freedom to grieve in peace.

A few of the brave and courageous may attempt to take on this feat on their own, but unless you are properly trained in this field, it is highly discouraged.  Violent crime clean up is not something to pick up on the fly, and is a craft like any other profession, despite the unusual circumstances in which it is put into motion.

Further, waste management cannot come to fruition without the proper tools, containers and disinfectants to clean so thoroughly that the margin for error is zero.  When things like HIV, hepatitis, and AIDS can arise from unresolved areas, they are not forces to let your guard down to or toy with.


What Is The Difference Between Biohazard Cleanup And Standard Cleaning Services?

While this section could be expounded upon for days, the succinct differences lie in the nuances of cleaning and the ingredients brought in to do the heavy lifting.

The uninformed think a bottle of bleach and a bucket of soap can remedy anything, but this is a perilous form of thinking.  Shampooing a carpet or sponging off debris is equivalent to putting a band-aid over an open wound, and is not a viable long term solution to use.

The application of Disaster Aide’s experience in this field guarantees the job only has to be done once and never revisited again.


Taking Initiative

Believe it or not, some are embarrassed or hesitant to allow a crew to infringe upon their space for restoration, but judgement is not in our vocabulary.  Pride or fear should never be a reason to hold back on something so important, and it is guaranteed that contacting us is the maximum amount of effort you will have to expend before we get to work.


Every Job Is A Mission

It should be of note that Disaster Aide carries out its proceedings with the utmost discreteness and respect.  Delicate circumstances require a swift, professional and effective response.

Available at a moment’s notice, we are the technicians that stare down the most difficult assignments with determination.

Our job is not complete until your expectations are surpassed and we have successfully carried out biohazard removal and decontamination in a safe and orderly fashion.

Moreover, the relationship we have with each client is a binding social contract; one in which no word is spoken to family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances, unless legally summoned to do so.  We are not the media, jury or court of public opinion.  Our focus lies in applying our qualifications to the profession we honed our skills in.


We Are The Plan When There Is None

Grief is an anchor of a wide range of emotions, but it should never be a burden.

Disaster Aide is your rip cord for anything related to cleaning as a result of violence, no matter how big or small.  Having us in your back pocket is the most full-proof solution to tend to more pressing matters, like family arrangements, police reports, and of course, your emotions.

Our goal is to be the smoothest, most effective cog in the system on your road to recovery by implementing empathy, humanity, and production equally.