About Us

– It’s Not About US, It’s About You –

This little statement here sums it all.  You might be in an emergency and need help right away, but thought of checking us before calling, so we made it so short, you know you are in the right place.  If you still need to know more about us, keep reading.

– Our Mission –

To Get Your Life Back.


At Disaster Aide, we all come to work every day because we want to help you to get your life back, as soon as possible, and with as little disruption as possible.  We understand you are already devastated and need a true help.  Disaster Aide’s crew is well trained to tackle the job and empathetic for the soul.

Disaster strikes everyone at the least expected time.   It doesn’t forewarn you.  Everyday folks don’t have a clue of what to expect, how to react and put things back to normal.  Law enforcement and rescue teams have too much on their plate and must attend to other emergencies.   Your normal renovation companies don’t have the proper procedure, know-hows, gear, and personnel to handle these situations.

Businesses, of all sizes, have always taken advantage of the uninformed.   Biohazard cleanup industry is no exception.  There are companies in this industry that take advantage of the grief-stricken customers.    Grief combined with urgency will malfunction any rational brain, which is the just perfect situation for the greedy.

We work with insurance companies and will never bill the customer if insurance pays us.  Our Motto is “Get Your Life Back”, not take it away (with bills).